Utter Bitterness

Why would someone continuously act on their bitterness when all you have done is shown them kindness and generosity?

This person said to me: “All this happened is purely because you are too kind and generous."

What a thing to say? Her moral principles are completely warped. Does she think that I would stop being kind and generous after she and her daughter have abused me? No. I absolutely will not. It is not in my nature to do evil, and all of my schools that I was placed in encourages kindness and generosity towards others. I am a strong believer.

Have I not been taken advantage of before? Yes, many times, and do I feel stupid ? Not really, I may be sad though.

When someone decides to take advantage of one’s kindness and walk all over you, it doesn’t mean that you have been stupid, it just means that the person who is doing the evil and unjust is less fortunate that you. They may be living a very bitter life and see it fit to take it out on others.

No matter what, being taken advantage of and used isn’t our fault, but theirs.

What comes round goes round. Be careful of what you do to others, it may comes back in 3 folds when you least expect.




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