My friend FISH

Jo came over tonight to tell me that our dear friend FISH from school, had died of cancer. Utter disbelief and tears welled up in my eyes upon hearing it. One of the worse news in 2015. We are now all in our 40s and should be enjoying life with family, kids & our friends. Felt absolutely gutted to learn that one of us had gone.

FISH stands for Fiona Stewart-Brown. She was one of the first friendly girls to come and introduce herself to me when I first went to Cobham. I had moved from another smaller school in Hertfordshire, and found it quite daunting at Cobham. FISH introduced me to her friends, and walked around with me on my first few days. Took me to my year group and introduced me to our wing (Dorm). Although she was in the year below, and she could have completely ignored me, but she has chosen to be kind and generous. I believe deeply that this was in her nature. She had shown compassion and kindness towards others. I am grateful to her.

R.I.P Fish



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