This Antique Desk

This huge Antique desk was left to me by a very powerful business woman whose life was called short by cervical cancer.

Seeing the desk, reminds me of the times I used to discuss mundane things with her. As mundane as it may be, she treated my every word as jewels. Perhaps it was, or it may have been her way of appreciating my presence during her long working hours.

So many times when she was on the phone to some foreign country leader, I would quietly play with my toys & the green crocodile underneath.

Sometimes when she yells out of frustration, I would stop playing and stay very still under this desk. When all is sorted, she would lower her head to find me, and pull me out of from underneath.
She would give me a hug and say :"Sorry darling, I wasn’t angry at you! It’s the morons that works for me!!! Anyway, let’s go to the Mandarin and have some food."

As I sit at this desk, the thoughts that is weighing a ton in my heart pours out into words and through my fingers tapping on the keyboard comes a post on this blog.

Not that I can’t write anywhere else, but it is only at this desk that my true thoughts pours out like a fountain.

Some like to write at Coffee shops, some could write while propped up in bed, I still think of the term (Writing Desk).

It was at this desk that my God-mother directed her International companies, every morning at 6 am sharp. She would call her company managers all over the globe to discuss important decisions.
I am sure some of her wisdom and power would have been absorbed into this desk, and now when I am leaning on it, it generates all the residue and transfer them to me, to make me strong in whatever I may be doing.

Oh, I do miss her so.


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