The 3 wise kings

Khan is best for airport pick ups and all country scenic routes.
Hafid is very good at running around the little narrow streets of London.
Moazzam is just best for everything.

I have known Moazzam from my business trip days. That would be about 8 years ago.
He is reliable and has expanded his business from one man band to a fleet of Mercedes Benze and drivers.

Of course there are others on his team. First came Khan, than Manjit the chatter box, then there was Hafid, and last came Sami.

Sometimes Moazzam have to drive Diplomats around for a whole month, and I have to rely on Khan & Hafid. Which is okey, because I don’t mind who drives me as long as I get to all the places that I needed to go. Occasionally I would ask specifically for Khan, like when Uncle and Auntie was here for our family summer vacation, because Uncle loves touring the English countryside, and Khan is absolutely the best guide for this!

These are the 3 drivers that have been driving me for many years and I can completely trust and rely on them. They are not just some random drivers I find off the streets. We have a long term contract with Moazzam and they are on his team.

Sometimes, some other clients of his would be disappointed when Moazzam sends someone else to drive them, but I am fine with this, because I do understand that Moazzam would drive us if he could. He must be held up somewhere with some diplomat. After all we are just going shopping, or going to a meeting or just touring the countryside, nothing as important as what a diplomat would be conducting.



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