My driver Khan’s notes

Khan: “Hey, what happened to that woman I picked up from LHR?"
“I kicked her out."
Khan: “Oh, yes yes I noticed, I dropped her at the Conrad. Is Miss Y her daughter? I noticed none of your other guests have stayed there before."
Khan: “Why did you kick her out?"
“She owes me money, but wouldn’t pay up, and decided to twist everything around to avoid paying back. Useless to argue with her, and dangerous to keep such a dishonest person in the house. Everyone is worried. So we all decided to ask her to leave."
Khan: “Oh, but I would have just pushed her out the gate and she can ask security to call her a mini cab! Next time don’t be so kind, when you kick someone out, really DO IT."
“Oh, I didn’t think of that, its rather cold out there to leave her waiting in the freezing cold, don’t you think?"
Khan: “Well, Yes, but even when you are kicking her out, you are still kind enough to drop her at a hotel, that really is too kind. No one does that."
“Em, my mother would, but perhaps not granny huh?"
Khan: “yes yes, your granny definitely would have pulled her out of bed by a strand of hair and swing her out of the house in the middle of the night."

“Did Moazzam say anything?"
Khan: “He told us even if someone we have driven before ask to be driven again, all expenses goes to themselves."

“ah, yes, that is very wise."


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