Be generous but never to be used

From another 前輩 E. Li Miles ’65 “We MSS do know what we want, we are generous, the sisters taught us so, but never to be used."

Kicking a rude house guests out of your house before their leaving date (actually the next day after they arrived) isn’t easy at all, especially you have been taught by convent sisters, to be generous and kind to all. Even your enemies.

We are supposed to be polite, generous, fair & kind at all times, and should have compassion for the unfortunate ones. However, sometimes there are people who will abuse your generosity and kindness. They think they see through you. Well, perhaps they did. They can see that you are generous and is always kind, and will probably do nothing and keep calm even when they are clearly taking advantage of you.

Those that abuses us, are not always taught a lesson, because we Maryknollers have a very high level of EQ and tolerance; but when we decided enough is enough, even the abuser may not have realised the finale is near; this is the moment that we choose to execute.

Once decided, we take action in the speed of lightening, and there will be very little chance for the opponent to twist or turn the situation around. We are as clear cut as a shining blade! We would have already spent a significant but short time to analyse the whole situation and would have considered any consequences that may occur in the future before we take action.

When we strike, we strike fast and with much precision. Which leaves no time for anyone to process anything. By the time our opponent realised that we have turned the table around, and have cornered them to a spot so tight that is absolutely impossible for them to take the situation in their own hands, but only to follow the fate of unfortunate events that will follow.

All True Maryknollers are able to and will do all of the above, when pushed over their limits. Actually before we strike, the opponent has already lost the battle.

So before you take advantage of anyone and or abuse someone’s kindness & generosity make sure they are not a true Maryknoller, because we are not to be used.



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