Getting them to stop the jumping upstairs

My upstairs neighbours are not always easy to live with. They are renting, so if their landlord refused to install carpet… and when they have kids… then there could be a riot overhead.

Sunday – I always welcome a peaceful quiet day, especially on a Sunday afternoon; but no, someone upstairs wanted to jump. It sounded much heavier than a little kid. I waited for it to stop, but after 15 mins of continual THUMP THUMP THUMP …. I ventured upstairs to make a complain.

They did not open the door, so I shouted from the outside :
" Please could u be so kind to stop the jumping?"

The woman came to the other side of the door to shout back a firm NO, because you cut my sheets !

“OH, I did? How can I cut your sheets if I have never entered your house?"
That shut her up.
But she shouted again! “I am doing jump rope! It’s exercise!"
I wonder why she told me that?
“Well, good on ya, I dare u to jump some more, please do not stop! It’s really healthy! I will be listening!"

When I returned downstairs, the jumping has STOPPED…
I guess, she cannot keep jumping for more than 15 mins…. it’s rather tiring to torture your downstairs neighbour.



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