Dear Daphne,

New Year greetings to you my little friend! Thank you for your continual support and thank you for your last email (fax). Please tell me what you have done in 2006 that you can be proud of? or what contribution you have made to our society? What effort have you made? Little or small does not matter, I care a lot to want to know. I am always interested to know of other young people’s thoughts and plans for our society.
You can email Christine, and she will print it out and fax me. You can be sure that I will receive all the emails and will reply on my web page accordingly.

At the moment, I still have to stay in Europe, it is still very busy here, with the launching of the Galileo GSD project. I have a small zoo here, well, not quite, I let my little cute friends roam around freely; but away from possible dangers. Every morning I talk to the bunnies and birds that live on my estate. It is a delight to see them. I have got some monkeys too! There is an avenue of orchards in my estate, I am waiting for the orange trees to blossom! I hope to be returning to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.

Looking forward to your emails.

Tina (on the phone)
Typed up by Christine.
31st December 2006


多謝你對我的不斷支持!你是也我的小朋友啊,你二零零六年裡做了些什麼事呢?有沒有些是特別的呢?對我們社會有貢獻呢?我等著你的來信(電郵)告知。我很歡迎你的來信(電郵),也對你的想法很感興趣!多謝你上次的電郵(fax),我讀了後,對你的印象更深。也會想起我在遠方的Vancouver 有一個這麼有心的小朋友。


小朋友 Christine 代筆




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