Man in pyjamas at my front door! 穿著睡衣來啪門的伯伯

There is an old man from the top flat of our building who comes down to “visit" us at 7:30 AM every now and then. The first time I saw him through the spy hole, I was so shocked! He was still in his pyjamas! It crossed my mind in seconds that I, myself is also not decent, in my sleeping clothes, I am not ready to “greet" anyone yet… not this early anyway. He would leave his finger on the door bell, and let in ring continuously for a few minutes. I have disabled my bell just for his sake! Now, he would bang on the door with his wrinkly fist… Ah.. on my white door! STOP! I think loud to myself, PLEASE STOP! but I wouldn’t dare say anything. I was mousely quiet behind my door, tip-toeing around.. I don’t want to be seen speaking to anyone not decently dressed. Then, a few other times, I think it’s the weekend and he felt more relaxed.. he came at my door in only his UNDERWEAR! I know this is underwear, because he’s in his boxers and I could see faintly the shadow of his peepee dangling about underneath! SOOOO GROSS!
Yes, you guessed it, I have never answered my door for him, not once! I am really thinking of putting up a sign.

一位穿睡衣的伯伯,一大清早便來我家啪門,我躲在門後,當我看見他一身微黃的睡衣、呆呆地站著,那死雞眼! 我死也不肯開門!他老人家死命按門鈴、大力拍門,鈴聲震得我頭也暗暗痛,我還是不開!過了一會,清潔掃地的哥哥、妹妹也上班啦!他還在鬧。對不起,你換好衣服再說,我無法忍受這樣的人,我不要一大清早便對著一個衣衫不淨、穿睡衣的伯伯!但每月他都來好幾次,可是沒有一次是穿好衣服的、更有一次居然只穿了內衣和短褲!我給他氣死啦!



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